Alabama Republican candidate for Senate Will Brooke shoots ACA, completely rips off Sen. Manchin

A second quality advertisement today comes from Will Brooke, who is running in Alabama for the Republican nomination for the Senate race. InvokingĀ the Second Amendment, he gets in his truck, taking a print-out of the Affordable Care act with him out to where he can shoot it with a handgun, a rifle, and finally in super-dramatic-slow-mo an assault rifle (that music!), before eventually putting the whole deal through a Will-Brooke-branded shredder.

However, this is such a rip-off of Sen. Joe Manchin’s campaign ad from 2010:


Meet Rick Barber, Patriot for Congress

Sure, he’s no Les Philip, or Dale Peterson, or even Tim James, but Rick Barber’s got a pretty inspiring ad here.

Look at that: Founding Fathers. And they hated taxes just like he does. I actually really love how Rick conflates health care reform and the IRS, while totally and unceremoniously diminishing the Founders’ motivation for revolt to just a mere “tea tax.”