Till the End of the Week

Here’s the end of the week and a long weekend ahead.

President Obama visited Hiroshima today and called for a “moral revolution” that would end the threat of nuclear weapons.

The incredible story of “Fat” Leonard Glenn Francis and how he seduced an entire generation of corrupt Navy leaders to bilk the Navy out of at least $35 million.

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said Friday that rate hikes may be appropriate in the coming months if the economy continues to grow.

More than 100 scientists are calling for the Olympics to be moved from Brazil over concerns about Zika.

It’s science: Why gin and tonic tastes so good.


Till the End of the Day

Here we are again, folks. Sorry for the hiatus, but things have been busy and I’ve been lazy. Anyways, here are some things to read since I can’t seem to produce anything of value:

The enduring whiteness of the American media: What three decades in journalism has taught me about the persistence of racism in the U.S.

Baylor University fired its football head coach Art Briles and demoted its president Ken Starr following the release of a report that coaches failed to report allegations of sexual assault.

The Italian Coast Guard has rescued 88 migrants off the coast of Libya after their boat capsized.

How my job talking women out of abortions made me pro-choice

How we got the weird presidential nominating system we current have.

Canadian city rallies to stop KFC buffet from closing.