Till the End of the Week

Looks like the mid-Atlantic is going to be wiped off the map this weekend, but here’s some stuff to check out before we all go away forever:

Great reporting about the tomfuckery that led to Flint, Michigan’s water catastrophe. Here’s another must-read.

Speaking of shit you just can’t make up: Supposed Republican presidential candidate and failed HP CEO Carly Fiorina apparently brought bunch of pre-schoolers¬†on a field trip to the stage at an anti-abortion rally?

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search has discovered a new highest prime number ever. It is 22 million digits in length.

Here is an incredible story about wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight’s boxing career.

The Onion is worth more than the Washington Post.

How Hillary Clinton finally stopped the talk¬†about what she’s wearing.

How Wile E. Coyote explains the world.

R.I.P. Jeffrey Cohen: “Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

Huskies adopt cat as one of their own.