Till the End of the Day

Apologies for the light posting lately—between holidays and work ratcheting up, there just hasn’t been much time to devote to this little gem on the Web. But, hey, here are some other things to read:

Some great reporting on Secretary of State John Kerry and Syria.

In Flint, Michigan, there’s so much lead in childrens’ blood that they’ve declared a state of emergency. Apparently, lead levels have almost doubled since the city switched from using Detroit’s water system to the Flint River last year.

Nobody knows who owns the biggest newspaper in Nevada.

ICYMI: A North Carolina town rejected a solar farm because somebody believes that solar panels suck up all the energy of the sun, and thereby kill plants.

Republican billionaires can’t seem to be able to buy this election.

Here’s Yaya Toure hitting a child (with the ball):


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