Till the End of the Day

Here’s some stuff to read as the day turns to night:

Hundreds reported injured after a massive explosion rocked the Chinese port city of Tianjin on Wednesday.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker cut $250 million from the state’s higher education system and is now spending $250 million on a new basketball arena.

While crews try to clean up Colorado’s Animus River after a massive mine wastewater spill, reminder that another 2,700 other abandoned mines are also similarly in need of cleanup.

The number of Americans without health insurance dropped by more than 15.8 million since 2013, so thanks Obama.

New York Times Magazine has an interesting long-form piece on Liberland, a potential libertarian breakaway micro-nation nestled between Croatia and Serbia.

Great piece on the problem of the very idea of American philanthropy.

Gary Samore, the head of a group opposing the Iran nuclear deal, quit because he supports the deal.

Now, a relevant gif from one of the greatest sitcoms of all time:


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