Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Good morning, folks. Ben Affleck wore is wedding ring. Now, your morning constituitonal:

Last night was relatively calm in Ferguson, Mo., after a state of emergency was declared following tension brought on by a police shooting Sunday.

Greece has agreed to a bailout deal with its creditors “in principle.”

New Mexico declared a state of emergency Monday to deal with mine waste water spilled into the Animus and San Juan rivers after an accident in Colorado.

In response to worries of an economic slowdown, China has moved to devalue its currency, the renmimbi, the sharpest devaluation since it pegged it set up its modern exchange-rate system in 1994.

Forces loyal to the Yemeni government announced Tuesday that they have recaptured Abyan province from Houthi rebels.

Turkey launched a series of air strikes against 17 Kurdish targets Monday night.

We may be looking at the first casualty of the Republican primaries as Rick Perry’s staff begin working for no pay and are given the green light to look for work elsewhere. The campaign’s only expenses moving forward are for travel.

Speaking of the Republican nomination race, pay attention to endorsements.

This morning in WHAT THE FUCK YEAR IS IT.

Women don’t need help from the anti-choice movement to know what abortion entails.

Bomb experts in London are preparing to defuse a 500-lb. bomb from World War II that was discovered by builders turning a factory into luxury apartments.

American hunters can pay big money to go hunting in…Iran.

Finally, bounty hunters try to raid Phoenix police chief’s home.


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