Morning Constitutional – 6 August 2015

Good morning, folks. Busta Rhymes was arrested for throwing a protein shake at a gym employee. Now, your morning constitutional:

A suicide bomber killed 13 in an attack on a mosque in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

A boat carrying over 700 immigrants capsized off the coast of Libya, killing at least 25.

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Texas’s strict voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act.

A man wielding a hatchet, pepper spray and a BB gun attacked patrons at a Tennessee movie theater before being shot by police officers.

Ron Paul’s former campaign manager Jesse Benton was indicted on charges of paying more than $70,000 to a former Iowa state senator in a bid to win his support in 2012.

How Libya shows the limits of U.S. power.

As ties to the West unravel, Russia embraces the Muslim world.

The tale of the anxious economic recovery as told by a revived textile mill.

Warming global temperatures have pushed walruses further north, cutting off a key food source for many Alaskan villages.

U.S. jobless claims hover near four-decade lows.

Katha Pollitt: How to really defend Planned Parenthood.

You cannot marry your lawnmower, no matter what Rep. Steve King says.

Finally, man calls 911 after his girlfriend fed his cat bacon.


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