Till the End of the Day

Anti-abortion activists hacked Planned Parenthood and released all of the organization’s web databases and employee information.

The Economist published a massive report on the investment risks in disregarding global climate change.

The value at risk to manageable assets from climate change calculated in this report is US$4.2trn, in present value terms. The tail risks are more extreme; 6°C of warming could lead to a present value loss worth US$13.8trn, using private-sector discount rates. From the public-sector perspective, 6°C of warming represents present value losses worth US$43trn—30% of the entire stock of the world’s manageable assets.

The New York Times published a horrendously inaccurate story on Thursday about Hilary Clinton’s emails. The public editor investigated what happened and finally responded.

The first cargo ships have moved through Egypt’s new second Suez Canal in preparation for its opening next month. Security is tight because it runs through some areas controlled by militants.

If white-people food were described described like “exotic” food.

The Boston 2024 Olympics bid is over. Good riddance.

The Americans With Disabilities Act is 25 years old. How it helped usher an era of accessible architecture.

On this day 75 years ago, Warner Brothers released “A Wild Hare,” and introduced the world to Bugs Bunny:


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