Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Good morning, folks. Miley Cyrus is going to host the MTV Video Music Awards. Now, your morning constitutional:

Voting in the presidential election in Burundi began Tuesday morning after another violent night, even as every major opposition party has boycotted the election that may see President Pierre Nkurunziza elected to a third term.

A suspect has been identified in the Monday suicide bombing in Suruc, Turkey, that killed 32.

The Islamic State is increasingly becoming a functional state with the capacity to govern even as it uses terrorism as a governing tool.

North Korea is not interested in international Iran-like nuclear talks.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president Tuesday. He will be the 16th Republican to enter the race.

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Italy on Tuesday for failing to provide legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Happy fifth birthday to Frank-Dodd, President Obama’s must unheralded achievement.

The current El Nino event could end up being the strongest on record, which could mean that 2015 could be the warmest year on record.

The state of Tennessee has denied a request to plant trees to block the view of a statue of Confederate general and KKK member Nathan Bedford Forrest.

How did a home-schooled, evangelical Christian girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee, become the wife of an Islamic State militant?

Texas officials released a three-hour video taken outside the jail cell where Sandra Bland was found dead. Sandra Bland and the long history of racism in Waller County, Texas.

Why Donald Trump is surging in polls.

A deadly fungus is eating the scales off of North American snakes.

Finally, Boston bus driver stopped a child’s lemonade stand to treat his riders to lemonade.


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