Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Good morning, folks. Ariana Grande will not be charged for doughnut-licking. Now, your morning constitutional:

Holy fucking shit: Iran and a group of six nations including the U.S., have come to a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program. The deal would end economic sanctions in return for a freeze, and eventual shrinking, of Iran’s nuclear material stockpile.  Here’s a timeline of the decade-long negotiation that led to the agreement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unsurprisingly not pleased with the deal.

Senate Republicans suggest they will try and block the deal. The President has promised to veto any legislation that undermines the deal.

The U.N. announced that at least 142 civilians have been killed in Yemen in the past 10 days in air strikes and ground fighting, and over 1,600 have been killed since violence broke out in March.

Out of nowhere, the House of Representatives overwhelming passed a major bill to overhaul and modernize medical research in the U.S.

As if things couldn’t get worse for Puerto Rico, the island is experiencing one if its worse droughts in history.

According to PETA, a SeaWorld employee has been posing as an animal-rights activist with the organization for years.

Pete Rose: Baseball’s Richard Nixon?

Firefox has started blocking Flash as a default, and Facebook’s security chief has called on Adobe to kill it once and for all.

Finally, man steals bicycle, throws it through restaurant window, breaks in and drinks a bottle of Tabasco sauce, saying he was “thirsty.”

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