Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 9 July 2015

Good morning, everybody. ESPN is not going to extend Keith Olbermann’s contract. Now, your morning constitutional:

The South Carolina legislature passed a bill Thursday morning to remove the Confederate flag from the state capital, and the bill is set to be signed by Governor Haley later Thursday. The bill mandates that the flag be removed within 24 hours of the bill’s signing.

The Greek government is reportedly nearing completion of a new economic assistance proposal. As the deadline for a new deal between Greece and its creditors nears on Sunday, the only sure thing is that no matter what, Greece’s economy is on the brink of disaster. And nobody wants to decide whether Greece stays in the euro zone.

The Iran nuclear deal is very close to completion, but an impasse remains over the U.N. embargo on Iranian conventional weapons.

Four million Syrians have fled the country so far to escape the war. The head of the U.N.’s refugee agency has called it the “worst humanitarian crisis of our generation.”

Congress seems ready to kill No Child Left Behind; what comes after?

The mayor of Baltimore fired police chief Anthony Watts Wednesday..

There is no Republican presidential front-runner.

London Tube operators went on strike Thursday afternoon for the first time since 13 years, shutting down all lines.

The number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits rose to 297,000, the highest level since February, mostly because of summer shutdowns at automobile factories for retooling.

Inside white supremacist teens’ private mobile group chats on Kik.

Breaking our rule against linking to Politico for this one: “CNN has covered Trump more than 400 times on television and on its website, according to the Nexis database. That’s more coverage than CNN has given to Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker or any other major GOP candidates. It’s even more coverage than CNN has given to Hillary Clinton.”

>> Donald Trump (and His Nonstop Cable Coverage) Makes Me Want to Die.

You can play a tortilla like an LP.

Finally, drunken man seeking ride home calls 911 to report fake car crash.

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