Till the End of the Day

Here’s the stuff:

Jonathan Chait has a good piece describing why the Republican party is now the party of Andrew Jackson now.

A coalition of U.S. Muslim groups are raising funds to help rebuild burned black churches.

You’ve heard how poorly compensated the Women’s World Cup winners were compared to the Men’s, but the sponsorship numbers are also terrible.

The South Carolina State Senate has passed a bill that would remove the Confederate flag from the state house grounds, sending the bill to the House where its fate is less certain.

Meanwhile, in Iowa, three Confederate flags flew from a truck pulling a county Republican party float in Independence Day parades.

Excellent piece by Amy Trask, the first woman CEO in the NFL, on Sarah Thomas, who this fall will be the NFL’s first full-time woman referee.

Seven weeks after announcing he was leaving the show, Harry Shearer has agreed to return to The Simpsons.

Danny Elfman said that The Simpsons theme song is the easiest thing he’s ever done.


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