Till the End of the Day

The Supreme Court ruled predictably this morning in the Obamacare case, finding that what the law meant trumps what the law said. Key line from Chief Justice Roberts’s decision: “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. If at all possible, we must interpret the Act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.” Here’s Lyle’s coverage at SCOTUSBlog, and Amy’s plain English coverage.

The decision wasn’t just a victory for the Obama administration; it also saved Republicans a good amount of heartburn.

Bloomberg’s got a great graphic feature on what is causing global temperatures to climb.

The National Park Service is going to stop selling Confederate flag shwag at National Parks, a reversal of a really weird thing I saw once.

Who’s running for president? WSJ is on it.

Where the lazy people live.

What does it take to be truly American?

The Navy is paying $9 million to still use Windows XP.

Here’s Dutch handshakes:

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