Morning Constitutional – Monday, 22 June 2015

Good morning, everybody. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going to have a baby boy. Now, your morning constitutional:

An investigation by the United Nations found that Israel and Palestinians committed “serious violations of international humanitarian law” that may amount to war crimes.

The European Union launched a naval operation Monday in hopes of stopping human traffickers from bringing migrants from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.

Taliban militants attacked the Afghan parliament Monday; security forces were able to stop the attack and killed all seven gunmen.

Greece offered a new plan to creditors Monday in hopes of achieving a deal to avert a default.

Nearly 150 people died of heatstroke in Karachi as temperatures rose to 113 degrees amid a power outage.

Republicans running for office not taking a strong stance on whether South Carolina should take down its Confederate flag so as not to alienate their racist supporters.

Earl Holt, the leader of a white supremacy group linked to Dylann Roof, donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates such as Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

The silver bullet to create a progressive South doesn’t exist.

Florida: A case study in Democratic electoral failure.

Tent cities: Seattle’s unusual approach to homelessness.

Recycling is in trouble, and that blue bin outside is part of the reason why.

U.K. Lord Chancellor Michael Gove instructed civil servants to not use “impact” as a verb.

Finally, naked man runs through Walmart, pours milk on self.


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