Till the End of the Day

Look, we really don’t care about some random woman in Washington, no matter how much the news wants us to. Here’s some other things to read:

Today’s BFD: The California Labor Commission ruled today that an Uber driver is an employee.

Today’s must -read: The LA Times has a pretty stellar online feature on San Bernardino, California, America’s most famously failed city.

Texas is going to create a gold depository to rival Fort Knox or the New York Federal Reserve.

AT&T was fined $100 million by the FCC for throttling data speeds for customers with unlimited data plans.

Here’s a playlist of songs that politicians have used to the chagrin of the songs’ artists.

Donald Trump paid actors to attend his campaign announcement.

Why flamingos are the most successful animals at breaking out of zoos.

LeBron James isn’t only probably the best NBA player in the game, he also almost never gets injured and played more minutes since 2005 than any other player.

Finally, here’s Clint Dempsey grabbing the referee’s notepad and ripping it up, earning himself a red card and a possible suspension:

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