Till the End of the Day

Here’s some stuff to read to end the day out.

Reuters released a report on how people consume news online. It’s chock full of good stuff. CJR has some insights, mainly that  lots of readers are blocking ads.

Russian President Vladmir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia will add 40 missiles to its nuclear arsenal this year in retaliation for U.S. plans to station tanks and weapons in NATO countries bordering Russia.

Egypt’s high court up held Morsi’s death penalty Tuesday, but it’s not a complete certainty that he’ll be put to death.

The Donald. His party pretty much hates him, though.

Why you probably shouldn’t trust what he has said so far about his net worth.

The FDA is moving to ban trans fats nationally.

People have no idea what the Supreme Court case about the Affordable Care Act is all about. Republicans plan to take advantage of that.

How the Obama administration used tech to change how the government works.

NASA shows how the world is running out of water.

Remember, guys: We make clickbait for teenagers on the Internet!


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