Till the End of the Week

Sorry for the limited posting the past couple of weeks. You know how it goes. Anyways, here’s some stuff:

Finally: The U.S. has officially removed Cuba from the list of state-sponsors of terrorism. Only three countries, Iran, Syria and Sudan, remain on the list.

Here’s a terrific recap of what’s going on with the FIFA corruption sting and what it’s all about.

Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for a bombing at an Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia during noon prayers on Friday, the second attack by Islamic State militants against targets in Saudi Arabia.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted Thursday for paying $3.5 million in hush money. Update: Holy crap it looks like it was to cover up a molestation allegation.

A case coming before the Supreme Court could have the way we count districts and voting populations, which would pretty much just hand Republicans about eight more seats in the House.

The U.S. economy actually shrank in the first quarter.

Let’s be clear: This is a generally good piece, and its point is important, but Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a shot.

Vienna will keep its gay-themed pedestrian signals, set up in advance for a series of gay-themed events, permanently.

Wikipedia: The Sum of all Human Male Knowledge.

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