New York Times Columnist Line of the Day

If you frequent this here premier “web log,” there’s a good chance you may once or twice have read the New York Times op-ed page. You might even recognize the names of the columnists, who every day spout the most conventionally wise of the conventional wisdom. This is a feature that is dedicated to these folks, highlighting one line that is either funny, ridiculous, strange, or actually intelligent or well-written.

I have no idea how it is that every time I have the time to read the New York Times op-ed page, there’s David Brooks there stupiding it all up, but here we are. Today’s is of course, then, from Mr. Brooks, whose entire column is, well, dumb, but Jesus, this line:

But, on the other hand, if there were no World War II, you wouldn’t have had the infusion of women into the work force.

P.S. It was very nearly the opening line just because of Godwin. But let’s go here for a second:

If the victory in the Cold War taught us to lean forward and be interventionist,

How in the royal fuck is that the lesson you learned from the Cold War?


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