Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 16 April 2015

Good morning, everybody. Billy Joel and is girlfriend Alexis Roderick are expecting. Now, your morning constitutional:

Two cases challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules over carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants will be jointly argued in the U.S. Court of Appeals today. In the two cases, Murray Energy v. E.P.A. and West Virginia v. E.P.A., the plaintiffs are arguing that the ambiguous language in the Clean Air Act does not authorize the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases. The cases may get thrown out because the regulations are not yet final and may change before taking effect.

Over the weekend, Islamic State militants moved into towns outside of Ramadi, sending thousands fleeing on foot toward Baghdad 68 miles away.

Jamal Benomar, the U.N. envoy to Yemen, resigned Wednesday as U.N. efforts to stop the country’s civil war have failed.

Joao Vaccari Neto, the treasurer of Brazil’s ruling Workers’ Party, was arrested Wednesday on corruption charges, leading the Petrobas corruption investigation closer to President Dilma Rousseff.

Colombia will resume bombing FARC rebel targets following the deaths of at least 10 Colombian soldiers in a fight with the rebel group.

China announced a plan to curtail water pollution, banning a large number of water-pollution industrial producers by 2016 after years of industrial development left 60 percent of its underground water contaminated.

Belarus passed a law earlier this month that harshly fines adults who are unemployed.

The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday making the Bible the official state book. In Oklahoma, the state attorney general defends the distribution of Bibles to public school students.

The myth of police reform.

Why does the U.S. use public revenue to support private home ownership?

The number of Americans filing unemployment claims unexpectedly rose last week, but the underlying trend continues to show a strengthening labor market.

For some reason, more Americans are booking cruises than in 2014.

Finally, man accidentally sets rental car on fire while trying to rid it of bedbugs.


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