Till the End of the Day

Former military dictator Muhammudu Buhari defeated president Jonathan Gooduck in the Nigerian presidential election.

Violence that has plagued Burma since its independence in 1948 may be close to an end as the government and 16 rebel groups sign on to a draft ceasefire agreement. Caveat: One rebel group in Kokang, which has been responsible for recent violence, did not sign on.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence hoping for a bill to clarify that the stupid discriminatory bill they passed isn’t as discriminatory as people think it is.

Jill Lawrence: “If there’s one takeaway from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s “religious freedom restoration” debacle, it’s that Republicans ignore today’s cultural environment at their peril. Conservatives can continue to live in a bubble if they want to, but they should expect blowback, because outside that bubble is a far different reality.”

Steve Kornacki is pretty good on what Martin O’Malley is up to.

The Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator.

Today I learned that I’m a big fan of Courtney Barnett’s new record.



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