Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Good morning, everyone. Ben Harper got married. Now, your morning constitutional:

Islamic State militants have reportedly abducted at least 90 Christians from villages throughout northeastern Syria.

Greece submitted plans for economic reform to European Union members and and the IMF on Monday with hopes of extending its bailout plan while alleviating some level of harsh austerity measures imposed in return for budget assistance.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald apologized Monday for falsely telling a homeless veteran that he served in the U.S. Special Forces.

According to leaked cable messages, in 2010 Israeli Mossad obtained stolen anti-tank missile technology from South Africa, South Africa asked for them back, and South African intelligence covered up the episode.

Republican-led Congress is still unable to pass a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. What happens if funding is not passed before the Friday deadline.

Congress is sending the Keystone XL pipeline bill to the president Tuesday. The president will probably veto it.

Alaska becomes the third state to allow recreational marijuana use and possession on Tuesday.

Drug maker Merck announced Tuesday that it will grant free license to other drug makers to produce its pediatric AIDS medication raltegravir at low cost for children in 92 poor countries. In the U.S., the drug costs $1,350 per month.

Rep. Aaron Shock (R-Ill.), who is already the subject of an ethics inquiry, has allegedly spent taxpayer and campaign funds on expensive air flights and concert tickets.

The new jobs are increasingly in city centers.

Turns out that rats may not have been responsible for the Black Plague, but rather gerbils.

Finally, area lawmaker has no idea how women’s bodies work.


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