Morning Constitutional – Monday, 23 February 2015

Good morning, everybody. Here’s your morning constitutional:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned that if a new budget for DHS is not passed by Congress, the shutdown of his department may harm states’ response to threats and weather events.

What the Homeland Security funding battle tells us about the power of the presidency and Congress.

Six days after taking office, Defense Secretary Ash Carter convened a war council in Kuwait to discuss the administration’s strategy for dealing with Islamic State militants with generals, diplomats and intelligence officials.

Ukrainian officials say they have not been able to withdraw heavy war equipment like they promised because rebels were still attacking.

Top nuclear officials from Iran and the U.S. join talks to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

While Venezuela’s economic crashes, President Nicolás Maduro cracks down on opposition.

Police in the Maldives have arrested former president Mohamed Nasheed on terrorism charges. Nasheed was the Maldives’s first democratically elected president before being forced out of office in a coup.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez helped negotiate an end to a standoff between the Pacific Maritime Associations and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

A plunge in grain prices has led many tenant farmers in the U.S. Midwest to breach lease contracts.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union law has pretty much crippled unions in Wisconsin.

Why critics often successfully disassociate President Obama with “America.”

Facebook’s new privacy policy still violates a European consumer protection law.

Cable channels are actually speeding up shows to fit in more commercials.

Finally, North Korea has banned foreigners from coming to the Pyongyang marathon over Ebola fears.


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