It’s cold outside, so it’s time for a hot toddy

Hot toddy

As it is the time of year we celebrate the birthday of our hallowed first president, many of us have been gifted the treasured three-day weekend. And since I have been gifted three days off in a row, my immune system has found it necessary to gift me in return a gnarly rhinovirus.

Being sick, though, is a great excuse to use whiskey as medicine.

Now, please do not take medical advice from me. Get your medical advise from doctors, not bloggers or huckster celebrities. Come to think of it, don’t take medical advice from huckster celebrities even when they are doctors. That’s right: vaccinate your fucking kids, people.

But, it’s friggin’ cold outside, and you’re locked in your small urban apartment watching Simpsons reruns and you have an excuse to make a delicious “medicinal” whiskey drink. So you should.

You want a recipe? Here’s a recipe:

1 shot, or about 2 oz. whiskey
1-2 Tbs. honey, to taste
1 slice of lemon, plus some addition juice if you want
Hot water to fill the mug
Spices, if you’re feeling fancy

Squeeze the requisite amount of honey into the bottom of your favorite mug (yeah, I know it’s coming from a bear; you’re not the type to have some kind of fancy locavore stuff). Slice a lemon and throw in as well. Measure out a shot of whiskey (I’m partial to inexpensive but decent bourbon. Irish is also great, rye would be fine, but Scotch is a different beast–I wouldn’t waste the good stuff) and drop it in. Heat your water as you do and fill the remainder of the mug. Stir with whatever you have handy.

Since we’re being medical, I think you should sprinkle on some cayenne pepper. Cayenne will help clear your sinuses, and some medical type people say capsaicin, the component in chili peppers that bring the heat, also relieves pain and inflammation. Again, don’t take medical advice from me. If you don’t want to be medicinal, and are looking for flavor, whole cloves are nice (I’ve been fancy before and pressed cloves into the rind of the lemon slices), as would be a cinnamon stick, star anise or some allspice berries. Just note that ground spices won’t really dissolve and will just sit as unappetizing grounds at the bottom of the mug.

Since it is cold outside, we’re not going to judge you for sitting back with your drink(s) and watching the new V+V Official Christmas Movie Marathon (in this order: The Hudsucker Proxy, Rocky IV, In Bruges, and finally Trading Places). You’re welcome, America.


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