Till the End of the Day

Please forgive us for spending a few days away from the Internet. Here are some things to read, ignoring this week’s idiotic crusades and vaccinations news cycle:

This is a place that apparently really exists: A Brazilian town settled by Confederate defectors 150 years ago that still celebrates the Confederacy.

U.S. workers are working more, getting paid more, and thanks to lower gas prices, keeping more of their money.

Good piece on how U.S. maternity leave policies hurt working mothers.

Related: How President Obama is making the Democratic party the party of child care.

Solid look into the crosscutting demographic trends in swing states like Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

In Vermont, some racist idiots lost their shit over a potential state motto because they thought “Latin” meant “Latin American.”

“I tuned on caps lock for a week and everyone hated it.”

Interesting thoughts on the gentrification of white-people jokes.

Speaking of, white people, we need to have a talk about you complaining about the wifi on airplanes.


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