Till the End of the Day

“Lucky” for us in D.C., it’s barely precipitating at all, while I’m sure it’s getting pretty nasty for our correspondents in Boston and New Haven. Hopefully if you’re surrounded by snow, you’re warm and filled with drink. Or even if you’re not. Here are some things to read regardless:

Today in Big News: Toilet paper is shrinking.

The Little Professor is pretty good on the Greek election result economic big picture.

More: How Greece shows once again that depressions don’t solve policy problems.

Former Texas governor Rick Perry thinks the Obama administration is doctoring the unemployment numbers.

What it’s like to drive Saudi princesses around.

Between Webster’s and the Internet, do we even need an authority on English?

Here’s a really long, but good, piece on Tom Brady.

Here’s some good advice if you’re young enough for it to be helpful.

Holy crap this is stupid.

Existential football.

Tips for crafting the perfect email subject line.


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