Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Good morning, everybody. Usher is engaged. Now, your morning constitutional:

While Israel buried the victims of last week’s attack in Paris, the French parliament is debating continuing their military role against Islamic State militants in Iraq, and Bulgaria announced they have detained a French citizen tied to the attacks.

Western governments are struggling to stop their citizens from going to fight on behalf of extremist militants in war zones and possibly returning as domestic threats.

Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France have canceled plans for a summit this week after failing to secure a four-month-old ceasefire.

Dominic Ongwen, a senior commander of Ugandan militia the Lord’s Resistance Army, will be sent to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Senate Democrats looking to make some tweaks to the Keystone XL bill that looks sure to pass but be vetoed by the president.

We mentioned this last night, but LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Oh, and can you feel the Pataki-mentum?

U.S. small business confidence in the economy at an eight-year high.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris is expected to run for Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat in 2016.

The European Parliament has passed a law granting member countries the ability to decide if they want to grow genetically modified crops.

Citigroup is scaling back its consumer banking presence.

How Medicaid for children recoups its costs in the long run.

Finally, woman arrested for driving around a Walmart parking lot drunk on vanilla extract.


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