Favorites in Your Face from 2014

I’ll bite.  I’ll share with you what 2014 licks I was humming in my head,  what I was tapping my foot to, and what I was singing loudly at my dashboard.  Adding to previous posts, here are my favorite albums of 2014.

Disgraceland – The Orwells

Don’t know where I found this, most likely songza, but this found its way into my Spotify.  Music genres never die, even if they fade from the pop charts, and so garage rock lives in these young lads.  This album is rocking, energized, even when the lyrics get mellow or twisted.  All that good, simple alternative rock mixing tempos and guitar solos to make a handful of almost great songs into a great album.

Dirty Sheets official video:

Everything Will Be Alright In The End – Weezer

How many albums did you pay for this year?  Seriously.  I bought one, downloaded it, burned on to a compact disc, and sang loudly at my dashboard.  Burned another compact disc, and put it in my wife’s dashboard.  Favorite tid bits on this album include the hard hitting first track: Aint Got Nobody.  Track 7, Da Vinci Code, perhaps because it is classic corny lyrics over catchy rock melody.  Track 8, Go Away, pulls off the his/her duet nicely.  Also, The last three songs form great instrumentals.

Here is the only official music video I could find: Back to the Shack.

. . . and that’s it.  Two albums.  There was other good music out there. But I can’t say I listened to other 2014 albums more than three times in their entirety.

Last of all, WA’s list had 1989 by Taylor Swift.  I probably would’ve heard more than two tracks if it was on Spotify or anything streaming.  Where does one listen if you have to buy?


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