Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Good morning, everybody. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are engaged. Now, your morning constitutional:

Heavy fighting in southern Afghanistan is putting large areas that were previously secured by the U.S. under threat from the Taliban.

Meanwhile, an Afghan police chief says that security forces have killed 151 Taliban fighters near the Pakistan border in the east over the past 12 days.

North Korea has Internet again after a nearly 10-hour-long outage. The reason for the outage is unclear.

The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday voted to end the country’s non-aligned status, likely a move towards membership in NATO.

Congressional Republicans to block reappointment of CBO head Doug Elmendorf because he refuses to include dynamic scoring—that tax cuts pay for themselves—in cost analyses.

The Commerce Department announced that the U.S. economy grew 5% in the third quarter, the fastest growth in over a decade.

France is deploying up to 300 soldiers around the country after seemingly unrelated attacks in Nantes, Dijon and Tours left more than 20 injured over the past few days.

Nicaragua has begun construction of their own inter-oceanic canal to rival Panama’s.

Greece failed again in the second round of voting to elect a new president. If one is not chosen in the third round, it could mean a snap general election next year.

Coal mining deaths are close to a record low.

Looks like climate change is going to ruin Pinot Noir wine.

Finally, principal loses job over misspelled school sign.

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