Till the End of the Day

Here’s some stuff to look at while day turns to night:

Today in Fuck You: Goes right to Patrick Lynch, the head of the New York City police union, who I guess has a history of being a nutjob.

“We are outraged by violence done to police, because it violence done to all of us as a society. In the same measure, we look away from violence done by the police, because the police are not the true agents of the violence. We are.”

New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm will plead guilty to tax evasion and likely try to keep his seat in Congress.

Conservative judge strikes down North Carolina’s terrible and ridiculous abortion requirements.

Pretty good profile of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s been giving speeches in Iowa.

The maker of Cards Against Humanity sent people a list of donations made to the senators representing their state.

How slavery and capitalism formed the modern world.

On the history of donkeys and the military.

The Scientology Christmas catalog is indeed insane.

I think this is my favorite ClickHole thing ever.

Here’s that perfect Serial sketch from SNL:


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