Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Good morning, everybody. Drake and P Diddy got into a fight. Now, your morning constitutional.

A Senate Intelligence Committee report detailing and criticizing the CIA’s use of torture during the Bush administration is set to be released publicly today. The report is expected to contain graphic details about sexual threats and other forms of torture.

Negotiations over a spending bill to keep the government operating past Thursday that was hoped to quickly pass fell apart Monday night, and House and Senate leaders seem ready to pass a short extension of a few days to give appropriators time to pass a final bill.

A new ceasefire seems to be holding between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists in the east after weeks of fighting.

Palestinians have officially become observers at the International Criminal Court, a change in status that could lead to them becoming a full member.

Oil prices have hit a five-year low near $66 a barrel.

Portland, Oregon, is suing Uber for illegally operating in the city.

On two major issues, immigration and the budget deficit, the public believes the president’s critics, but reality favors the president.

Detroit badly needs to update its IT infrastructure.

A third party will not fix American politics.

Finally, the wrong onions on a sandwich at a Tim Horton’s in Saskatoon led to a snake-throwing fight.

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