Morning Constitutional – Monday, 8 December 2014

Good morning, folks. Amanda Peet had a baby. Now, your morning constitutional.

The U.S. and NATO ended combat operations in Afghanistan Monday after 13 years. Around 10,800 U.S. troops will remain into next year to train and support local forces.

Taliban fighters attacked a police station in southern Afghanistan Monday, killing five.

Recapture of territory from Islamic State militants is reopening old rivalries between Kurds and Shiite Iraqis.

A Senate report condemning torture performed by the CIA is not public yet, but already President Bush’s team is making an effort to stand by the CIA.

Hours after his release from Yemeni captors was negotiated by a private charity, South African Pierre Korkie was killed during a Navy SEAL operation to rescue his cellmate, Luke Somers.

The U.N. has asked for $16.4 billion, a record amount, for aide operations much of which is to be spent in Syria.

Fossil fuel lobbyists helped elect Republican majorities and now are working to use the new majorities to undermine environmental rules. Oh, and the state attorneys general are also in on the action.

2014 may end up being the hottest year on record.

One of President Obama’s most important staff members, personal chef Sam Kass, is leaving the White House.

Attorney General Eric Holder is set to release new rules regarding racial profiling.

New Dehli has banned Uber after a driver allegedly raped a passenger.

“Stories that are less likely to be true are more likely to be exciting and thus worth reporting.”

Finally, man reports that his bridge was stolen.

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