Till the End of the Day

Still trying to get back into something resembling a groove since the Thanksgiving Super Extravaganza of 2014. but here are some things to read as day turns to night:

Big exciting news for World AIDS Day: For the first time ever, the number of new HIV infections was lower than the number of people put on HIV medication. If that trend continues, it’s possible we could be done with AIDS in 15 years.

Today in Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out: Elizabeth Lauten, a communications director for a Republican congressman, is resigning after posting a caustic rant on Facebook excoriating Sasha and Malia Obama’s appearance at the turkey pardoning.

Chris Rock: “To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before.”

The Supreme Court heard arguments today in a case regarding the free speech rights of those who use threatening language on social media sites.

Florida is looking to return its gubernatorial election back to presidential election years, as it succeeded a little too well in its objective of suppressing turnout.

Republicans in Ohio are pushing a bill that would make all details of executions secret to the pubic, the news media and even the courts.

Radio ad for Sen. Mary Landrieu says that President Obama will be impeached if her rival, Rep. Bill Cassidy, is elected.

What might persuade Hillary to not run in 2016.

A world without Internet neutrality already exists: It’s how SMS works in the U.S.

Two-dollar gas?

St. Elmo’s Fire and party polarization.

Sometimes British politics is fun.

Really need something to read? Here’s all of Longreads’ number one stories of 2014.

That’s it. Enjoy your evening, everybody.


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