Till the End of the Day

Since we neglected to offer any morning links, it only seems fair we drop some things for you to read this afternoon. Here you go:

Today in Fuck You: Uber pretty much threatened to go after journalists who dare question them, and that’s not even the shadiest part of the thing.

Oh, you get two, though: An Uber driver told a cancer patient she deserved cancer and is an animal.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi reelected as leader of House Democrats.

Republicans have finally found a lawyer to represent them in their lawsuit against President Obama.

Sen. Mitch McConnell apparently believes in the same “science” as David Brooks, in a conveniently timed statement.

The Keystone XL pipeline is Republicans’ only jobs program, so there’s probably no way they’re going to try and get it passed.

Hillary Clinton’s appeal to white people is because she’s white.

What happens if the Supreme Court does what the Republicans want and take away Affordable Care Act subsidies for people living in states without their own exchanges?

That’s all for today.





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