Morning Constitutional – Monday, 17 November 2014

Good morning, everybody. Solange Knowles got married. Now, your morning constitutional:

As the U.S. enters a last round of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program this week in Vienna, a large and increasing number of variables could sink a potential deal. President Obama’s national security advisers say they think there’s a 40-50% chance for a deal.

Japan’s economy shrank in the third quarter after sales tax increases squashed consumer spending.

President Obama may announce executive actions on immigration as early as this week.

CNN reported that Republicans and outside groups shared date using anonymous Twitter accounts, a coordination practice that may have been illegal.

Australia and China on Monday signed a free-trade agreement.

Four workers were killed in a dangerous gas leak at a Texas chemical plant on Saturday.

Halliburton announced that they are going to pursue acquiring its smaller rival Baker Hughes in a $34.6 billion deal.

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency on Sunday conducted surprise drug inspections of NFL team medical staffs under suspicion that teams dispense prescription drugs illegally.

Republican likely incoming congressman Garrett Graves is very aware that rising seas are swallowing his district, but may not be able to say that in his district.

Pay for young, low-wage workers is growing more rapidly than those who are older and higher-paid.

Homelessness is at an all-time high for U.S. children.

The U.S. unemployment rate is 5.8%. Americans think the unemployment rate is 32%.

Mandate elections: They’re not just for presidents anymore.

How the federal government is incidentally taxing marijuana businesses to death.

The DOE loan program that funded Solyndra looking to net about $5-6 billion in profits.

Finally, one of California’s largest newspapers has asked its reporters to help deliver papers on Sundays.


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