Till the End of the Day

Trying to get these out before the big AV-QPR match this afternoon, so here are some things to read as the day winds away:

Today in Fuck You: Verizon Wireless is attaching a privacy-killing user ID to all its users’ Internet traffic.

Gas prices are near the lowest they’ve been in four years.

Yglesias throws some cold water on pundits who think Obama’s been too chilly.

Hmm: “Sicily, for instance, employs 28,000 forestry police — more than Canada”

You can apparently get your dog cloned in Korea.

This is a pretty good and lucid description of what gentrification is, sans the outrage, hyperbole or editorializing.

David Rees made a mashup album of Taylor Swift and Aphex Twin.

Martha Stewart’s magazine on how to throw a punk rock party. For once, I do recommend reading the comments.

Now, here’s the new OK Go video if you haven’t seen it yet:


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