Till the End of the Day

It’s a chilly, cloudy Thursday in D.C., and I’m looking forward to heading home and watching last night’s Key & Peele and perhaps cooking up some meatballs. While I go do that, here’s some things to check out:

Today in Fuck You: Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) blames suicides in Alaska on government “largesse.”

The Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Bobby Harrell, pleaded guilty to six counts of using campaign funds for personal use on Thursday and has agreed to resign his seat immediately.

A promising Ebola vaccine was shelved for over a decade because the market wasn’t lucrative.

The SAT should actually stand for Student Affluence Test. Related: Smart people listen to Radiohead, while dumb people listen to Beyonce.

Gun violence in Canada is more common than you think.

Misogyny and the idea that the Internet isn’t real.

Good thoughts on potential senator-to-be Joni Ernst’s stupid statement that she’d use her gun against the government if it infringed her rights.

OMG what if terrorists weaponized Ebola?

A 50-year-old dinosaur mystery has been solved—and it’s super weird.

Chess piece survival rates.

Finally, here’s a porcupine eating the shit out of some pumpkin:

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