Till the End of the Day

Here are some things to look at or know about or whatever:

Today in Fuck You: This is a stupid thing that somebody wrote:

There’s no doubt that many people in our increasingly mobile and hectic society want voting to be as easy and convenient as buying fast food. But too much of anything can be bad — just ask someone who has gorged on drive-thru burgers and fries.


Global temperatures have been above average for 355 straight months.

If like most Americans, you’ve been tuned out and are just maybe now starting to pay attention to the coming-up midterm elections, Ed Kilgore’s got you covered.

Hey rich people, maybe stop exploiting impoverished indigenous people in your adrenaline-seeking.

Pew released a report on political polarization and where people get their news, etc. You won’t be surprised that conservatives get their news from Fox and liberals can’t decide where they get their news from. Oh, and it seems like liberals and conservatives don’t like each other much on the Facebooks.

Republicans could lose every single Hispanic vote and still easily win the House.

“Hoffman and Shum found that employment growth among teens not in college and adults without a high school diploma was stronger in states that increased their minimum wages than those that didn’t.”

Finally, here’s a can’t-miss segment from Last Week Tonight featuring the Supreme Court and some dogs:



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