Sports in the Courts: Jeff Wilpon answers the allegations

It has been seven weeks since former Senior VP of Ticket Sales for the Mets, Leigh Castergine, accused her former boss of discriminating against her for being pregnant and unmarried.  The team’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Wilpon, was accused of numerous disparaging comments.  Today, Wilpon and the Mets filed their answers in federal court in response to Castergine’s complaint.  You can read Wilpon’s answer here; the answer filed on behalf of the Mets makes the same response.  The same law firm is representing both defendants.

Wilpon’s response in short, “[none of it is true].” Above all, Wilpon denied that Castergine was harassed or treated differently because she was pregnant.  Specifically, he denies the quotes attributed to him by Castergine: “[I’m] old fashion and thinks [Castergine] should be married before having a baby” and “don’t touch her belly and don’t ask how she’s doing; she’s not sick, she’s pregnant,” or the more odd, “I am as morally opposed to putting an e-cigarette sign in my ballpark as I am to Leigh having this baby without being married.”

Along with denying that he mistrated Castergine, the court filing allowed Wilpon to respond to the allegations that the team suffered at the helm by poor ownership, and that it alienated fans.  Not surprisingly, Wilpon denies this as well.

It is somewhat bizarre that Wilpon and the Mets denied everything, given the specific accusations of Castergine.   What to expect next?  Well, more money from the Mets organization for the legal fees of Wilpon.  If the parties don’t settle, discovery will take months if not years.

Till the End of the Day

Trying to get these out before the big AV-QPR match this afternoon, so here are some things to read as the day winds away:

Today in Fuck You: Verizon Wireless is attaching a privacy-killing user ID to all its users’ Internet traffic.

Gas prices are near the lowest they’ve been in four years.

Yglesias throws some cold water on pundits who think Obama’s been too chilly.

Hmm: “Sicily, for instance, employs 28,000 forestry police — more than Canada”

You can apparently get your dog cloned in Korea.

This is a pretty good and lucid description of what gentrification is, sans the outrage, hyperbole or editorializing.

David Rees made a mashup album of Taylor Swift and Aphex Twin.

Martha Stewart’s magazine on how to throw a punk rock party. For once, I do recommend reading the comments.

Now, here’s the new OK Go video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Morning Constitutional – Monday, 27 October 2014

Good morning, everybody. Jessica Simpson got a haircut. Now, your morning constitutional:

According to exit polls, pro-Western parties are poised for victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

The secular party won the largest number of seats in Tunisia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Brazilians reelected Dilma Rouseff as president Sunday in their closest presidential election in decades.

Uruguay’s Sunday presidential election likely heading to runoff.

Dozens of women and girls have been reportedly kidnapped in northeastern Nigeria by Boko Haram.

A suicide bomber driving a Humvee packed with explosives killed 27 Shiite militia members in Jurf al-Sakhar, Iraq, on Monday .

President Obama will announce executive actions to boost U.S. manufacturing on Monday.

There is evidence that Islamic State militants’ surface-to-air missiles are sophisticated enough to pose a danger to aircraft.

Is the Affordable Care Act working? Pretty much. Is it winning? Yes.

How conservatives justify poll taxes.

U.S. spy agencies used 1,000 Nazis as anti-Soviet assets during the Cold War.

The case against senior year of high school.

Finally, man arrested after dispute over using too much nacho cheese.

Mango the Cat


Dear V and V,

I’m sorry it’s been so long.  Months ago, I had such good intentions of re-joining this blog with regular posts.  Oops.  A few things have happened in the interim– law school graduation, bar exam, new job.  Plus we got this very photogenic cat, Mango.  She is very sweet, and if you ever come to New Haven, she would probably like to cuddle with you.  Please accept this picture of Mango and her mini-me as my apology for the long silence.



Till the End of the Day

It’s a chilly, cloudy Thursday in D.C., and I’m looking forward to heading home and watching last night’s Key & Peele and perhaps cooking up some meatballs. While I go do that, here’s some things to check out:

Today in Fuck You: Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) blames suicides in Alaska on government “largesse.”

The Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Bobby Harrell, pleaded guilty to six counts of using campaign funds for personal use on Thursday and has agreed to resign his seat immediately.

A promising Ebola vaccine was shelved for over a decade because the market wasn’t lucrative.

The SAT should actually stand for Student Affluence Test. Related: Smart people listen to Radiohead, while dumb people listen to Beyonce.

Gun violence in Canada is more common than you think.

Misogyny and the idea that the Internet isn’t real.

Good thoughts on potential senator-to-be Joni Ernst’s stupid statement that she’d use her gun against the government if it infringed her rights.

OMG what if terrorists weaponized Ebola?

A 50-year-old dinosaur mystery has been solved—and it’s super weird.

Chess piece survival rates.

Finally, here’s a porcupine eating the shit out of some pumpkin: