Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Good morning, everybody. Kris Jenner filed for divorce. Now, your morning constitutional:

The U.S. and five Arab allies launched air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria for the first time. Air strikes against IS in Iraq have yet to dislodge the militants from the territory they control.

What we know and don’t know about the air strikes in Syria.

Israel said that it shot down a Syrian fighter jet that violated its air space.

In an early morning raid Tuesday morning, Israeli special forces stormed a basement in Hebron in the West Bank and killed two Palestinians suspected of the June kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers.

The Obama administration is taking steps to prevent companies from moving overseas to avoid U.S. corporate taxes.

Ukraine is largely withdrawing artillery from the east as the ceasefire seems to be mostly holding.

Three months after announcing that the U.S. would ban land mines, the Obama administration has made an exception for the Korean peninsula, which it says is a unique circumstance.

On Biden, the vice presidency and political time. It’s a good read.

Frank Luntz, political huckster, and the man behind the Roger Goodell’s horrible press conference.

A sad, sad story that is the unfortunately result of state campaigns against reproductive rights.

FIFA official says that he doesn’t believe that Qatar will actually host the 2022 World Cup.

Texas man traded cocaine for votes in a school board election.

Finally, police in Nigeria arrested a goat for armed robbery.


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