Morning Constitutional – Monday, 15 September 2014

Good morning, everybody. Lauren Conrad got married. Now, your morning constitutional:

At a summit in Paris, 30 world leaders pledges support for action against Islamic State militants. U.S. officials say that several Arab states have offered to conduct air strikes against Islamic State militants in tandem with U.S. military efforts. Iran has reportedly privately refused U.S. requests for cooperation in its fight with the militants. Syrian officials are unsure who would benefit from strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria.

About 1,300 NATO troops from 15 countries have started a military exercise in western Ukraine.

The United Nations is taking control of peacekeeping in the Central African Republic.

PricewaterhouseCoopers ran the numbers on climate change and the result is not so good: We’re about 20 years away from catastrophe.

In Kansas, a backlash against conservative Republican governor Sam Brownback is leading many Republicans to possibly vote for his Democratic rival Paul Davis.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reelection is in jeopardy as the Liberal party’s leader Justin Trudeau brings his party back from the brink of irrelevance.

Wage inequality is having a direct effect on state budgets.

Congress has only four full legislative days in the next nine weeks.

Because of course if a black woman is kissing a white man she must be a prostitute.

The case for open borders.

Heineken dismissed a buyout offer from SABMiller amid speculation that InBev might also make an offer.

Apparently somebody cares what coffee is served consumed at the White House.

Chinese online giant Alibaba’s IPO on Friday may be the biggest ever.

Why temporary assistance may not be enough for the neediest families.

Area Woman Forgets Whom She Voted For In April.

How the worst variety of apple took over the U.S.

Here’s a “definitive” ranking of every character on The West Wing that I’m sure you will vehemently disagree with, as do we.

Finally, Los Angeles county residents called 911 when Facebook went down.


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