Morning Constitutional – Friday 5 September 2014

Good morning, everybody. Alyssa Milano has a new daughter. Now, your morning constitutional:

The Obama administration announced Friday that a coalition has been formed to fight Islamic State militants that would bolster allies on the ground while attacking militants from the air.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has authorized cooperation with the U.S. military in the fight against the Islamic State.

A “burn ISIS flag challenge” has gone viral in the Arab world.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced Friday that his government and pro-Russian separatists have agreed to a temporary ceasefire.

A minor dip in the labor market in August as the BLS announced Friday that only 142,000 jobs were created. The unemployment rate fell slightly to 6.1%. There could be a silver lining, however.

What Congress will do when it comes back from recess next week.

BP was found criminally negligent by a federal court in the 2010 oil spill, and may be fined billions of dollars.

The changes to the AP history test aren’t that revolutionary, in fact, maybe we need more.

Sen. John McCain is on a lot of Sunday talk shows. Also, why do newspapers keep printing op-eds by John McCain?

Newly discovered dinosaur was so-far biggest land animal ever.

Finally, judge orders attorney to wear socks in courtroom.

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