Till the End of the Day

Holy crap a lot happened all at once this afternoon, some good, some funny and some really sad. Here you go:

Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell was found guilty Thursday on 11 counts, including public corruption, criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that same-sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin are unconstitutional.

A whole lot of fast-food workers around the country today walked off the job and picked up picket signs in favor of higher pay.

Maybe it’s time to stop overrating the threat of the Islamic State.

It’s possible that Kansas Democrats could win twice with Senate candidate Chad Taylor dropping out of the race. However, the Republican secretary of state has decided that Taylor must remain on the ballot.

One in four Americans with a college degree shouldn’t have bothered.

Good argument that we need a stronger federal government and weaker local governments.

One out of ten ads run in the 2014 election cycle are tied to the Koch brothers.

On the Republicans’ food stamp nonsense.

“But this incident does show part of the problem the party opposed to government faces when it’s trying to appeal to voters who actually want things from their government.”

NFL coaches are timid on fourth down.

R.I.P. Joan.


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