Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Good morning, everybody. Britney Spears is excited to date again. Now, your morning constitutional:

An air strike by the U.S. military in southern Somalia struck near where leaders of al Shabaab were meeting. The fate of its leader Ahmed Godan is unclear.

Iraqi troops, backed by Kurdish fighters and U.S. air power, pressed a counterattack against Islamic State militants Monday following the breaking of a siege of a Shiite town.

President Obama is going to Estonia to meet with Baltic leaders at a NATO summit while Ukraine continues to battle pro-Russian separatists.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday reiterated his administration’s belief that Russia is supporting the separatists rebels, and accused Russia of “direct and undisguised aggression”

A senior Russian military official said that Russia is revising its military doctrine following a NATO decision to create a rapid-reaction force of 4,000 troops in eastern Europe.

According to a new poll, Palestinian support for Hamas has soared during the seven-week-long conflict with Israel to the extent that the party would sweep Palestinian elections if they were held today .

How the constant chorus of ‘do something’ Obama foreign policy critics gets it wrong.

China plans to introduce a national market for trading carbon permits in 2016, part of a plan to reduce the amount of carbon the country emits to 40-45% of its 2005 levels by 2020.

Since the limit of how much an individual can give to federal candidates was killed by the Supreme Court earlier this year, donors have jumped on the opportunity to give more, especially to Republican candidates; over 300 donors have exceeded the previous cap. A study shows that the earlier Citizens United decision had a statistically significant effect making it more likely Republicans would be elected.

Cuba’s experiment with opening markets has led to a re-widening of its racial gap.

A court in Germany banned Uber in the country.

This is what happens when you defer infrastructure maintenance.

In America, Labor Day is a lie.

Fast food workers planning another round of civil disobedience for Thursday in hopes of expanding their campaign for a $15 minimum wage.

More than 22 percent of Americans hold the lowest paying jobs: fast-food cooks.

California passes first state-wide plastic bag ban.

Finally, motorcyclist brags to cops that he hit 185 mph during chase.


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