Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Good morning, everybody. Didn’t actually watch the Emmys, but we assume we did a good job picking the winners. Anyways, here’s your morning constitutional:

The U.S. has begun flying surveillance planes over Syria, which could lead the way for U.S. air strikes in the country.

Ukraine released video that allegedly shows that they have captured 10 Russian soldiers ahead of high-level peace talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk. Russia said the Russians were in Ukraine “by accident.” According to the AP, weapons have been coming through Krasnodon in rebel-held eastern Ukraine from the direction of Russia and heading west to where rebels are fighting Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday dissolved parliament and called for new elections on October 26.

Israel bombed two Gaza City high rises on Tuesday in a further escalation of the conflict.

Egypt and the United Arab Emirites launched secret air strikes against Islamist militias in Libya.

Out in the “laboratories of democracy,” Vermont does something right.

Republican Senate candidate highlights the killer of journalist James Foley in a campaign ad.

A deadlocked Federal Election Commission has created a huge amount of unofficial election law by not acting.

How Qatar helped free a U.S. journalist held hostage in Syria.

South Africa’s successful fight against AIDS is due largely to one U.S. program, and that program is moving elsewhere.

Burger King to buy Tim Horton’s for $11.4 billion in an effort to move to Canada to avoid U.S. corporate taxes.

President Obama’s federal court nominees still wait way, way longer to be confirmed than any previous president’s.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) weighing a presidential run

Republican staffers look to get in the lobbying business if the Republicans take the Senate in November.

Finally, python lives in family’s house for a week undetected.


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