Morning Constitutional – Monday, 25 August 2014

Good morning, folks. Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction. Now, your morning constitutional:

Islamic State militants have taken control of a military air base in northern Syria. The Syrian foreign minister said Monday that his country would welcome U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria so long as President Bashar Assad was warned ahead of time.

Ukraine claimed Monday that a group of armed Russian militants, under the guise of separatist rebels, have crossed into Ukraine with the intention of opening a new front in the conflict.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has resigned following a show of insubordination from the economy minister and President Hollande consequently calling for a new government.

After an attack on Libya’s main international airport, the patchwork of violence in Libya is threatening to become an outright civil war.

Burger King is in talks to buy Tim Horton’s in a tax deal that would move Burger King to Canada to avoid U.S. corporate taxes. Nine questions about corporate tax inversions.

Vendors are offering governments technology capable of tracking anybody who carries a mobile phone.

Advocates for the homeless pushing for violence against homeless to be eligible for hate-crime status.

No, the U.S. is not being swamped by a libertarian wave.

British Embassy trolls the U.S. in a tweet.

Finally, in Texas, a babysitter set “disrespectful kids” house on fire.


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