Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Good morning, folks. Milla Jovovich is pregnant. Now, your morning constitutional:

Even though the Missouri National Guard was mobilized, violence once again erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, overnight, as two in the crowd were shot (not by police) and 31 arrested. What’s the point of bringing in the National Guard when the police already act like them? How segregated is Ferguson?

Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza after rockets were fired by Hamas Tuesday, breaking a temporary ceasefire and imperiling peace talks in Cairo.

The Ukraine government says that they have recovered the bodies of 15 refugees killed by rebels in a missile attack on their convoy. The government also claims that fighting has taken to the streets of the rebel stronghold of LuhanskThe Kremlin announced Tuesday that Russian President Vladmir Putin will meet with the Ukrainian president and European Union officials on August 26.

Islamic State fighters stopped Iraqi offensive to re-take Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s home town.

Sen. Jim Jeffords, who died yesterday, was a man ahead of his time.

Top Republican governors, considered to be the Republican’s best change of taking the White House, embroiled in scandal.

The U.S. housing market is recovering quickly, another sign of a economy finally growing strongly.

Don’t worry, though, only the rich are seeing wage gains. Which may explain why the president is getting no credit for what otherwise is a booming economy.

Gov. Howard Dean backs Hillary Clinton, goes off on Beltway news media.

An interesting argument that taxing the rich can strengthen democracy itself.

Good reporting on a massive Medicare scam involving powered wheelchairs.

Finally, man arrested after calling police to complain about not getting sex at a strip club.


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