Morning Constitutional – Monday, 18 August 2014

Good morning, everybody. Christina Aguilera had a baby. Now, your morning constitutional:

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that he would deploy the Missouri National Guard to Ferguson Monday morning following the most violent night since the unrest began. A private autopsy requested by his family shows that Michael Brown was shot at least six times and twice in the head.

Black Town, White Power, or why Ferguson’s power structure is the way it is.

The Iraqi military claims that it has retaken Mosul Dam from Islamic State militants.

The Ukraine government blamed separatists for attacking a convoy of buses of refugees, killing an unknown number of civilians.

A grand jury on Friday indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry on two felony charges for abusing his power by pressuring a district attorney to resign. Five things to know about the Perry indictment.

Montana Democrats have chosen 34-year-old math teacher and first-term state representative Amanda Curtis as their nominee for the Senate, replacing John Walsh, who dropped out after charges of plagiarism. She has a nose ring.

In what is very much a BFD, former Georgia Governor Zell Miller, one of the most popular people in Georgia politics, endorsed Democrat Michele Nunn for Senate.

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst warns that the United Nations could force Iowan farmers off their land.

The U.S. economic recovery finally seems to be spreading to higher-wage industries.

Food companies adding more and more untested and secret ingredients as FDA oversight as waned.

The five biggest lies about Obamacare.

Analysis shows that companies that move outside of the U.S. to avoid taxes rarely make any more money.

Finally, family calls 911 after cat holds them hostage.


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