Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 14 August 2014

Good morning, everybody. Savannah Guthrie had a baby Wednesday. Now, your morning constitutional:

Protests in Ferguson, Mo., took a violent turn Wednesday as police launched tear gas and stun grenades on protesters and police arrested two journalists at a nearby McDonald’s. Here is Washington Post correspondent Wesley Lowery’s account.

Great piece on race, the militarization of police, resistance, and the blurred line between law enforcement and combat.

The Defense Department says that U.S. air strikes and Kurdish fighters have broken the siege of Mount Sindar, where thousands of Iraqi Yazidis were trapped.

The Affordable Care Act is a massive success and America will hate it anyway. It might even reduce crime.

The Euro zone’s economic recovery stalled in the second quarter as its three biggest economies failed to grow.

Bankers scared that a trial of bank involved in doing business with terrorist group may make them vulnerable to the same charges.

The actual story of President Obama’s high-speed rail program.

Well, that didn’t last long: Burger King is discontinuing its lower-calorie “Satisfries” from many of its stores.

Fish cannon.

Finally, a 14-year-old lived in a Walmart for four days before anybody noticed.


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