Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Good morning, everybody. Jennifer Garner is not pregnant. Now, your morning constitutional:

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is holding into its second day as negotiations begin in Cairo on a new border agreement. The difficultly of assessing the numbers leads to widespread disagreement over the count of casualties in the conflict. Israel announced Wednesday that they arrested a suspect in the June murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Amid the fighting between the Islamic State and Kurds, Iraq’s minority Yazidi population are fleeing their homes and those who remain fear an onslaught of violence. Between 10,000 and 40,000 Yazidis are trapped on a barren mountaintop fearing that if they descend they will be killed.

The Obama administration is changing tacks and quickly moving Central American families to deportation centers instead of releasing them pending court cases.

Sierra Leone has deployed troops and police officers to assist in the fight against Ebola.

According to Iraq’s state television, an Iraqi airstrike on Islamic State fighters in Mosul struck a prison being used as a religious court and killed 60 Islamic State fighters.

In Kansas, Republican Senator Pat Roberts easily dispatched tea-party challenger Milton Rolf in yesterday’s primary.

Cincinnati’s 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will be the third appeals court to take up several state same-sex marriage appeals cases.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said that he would like to  run for parliament next year, opening the possibility that he may succeed David Cameron as leader of the conservative party.

A large number of companies are looking to foreign mergers to avoid U.S. corporate taxes. Not Walgreens, though.

A Russian crime ring has collected over a billion user names and passwords, so change your passwords.

The Rosetta spacecraft becomes the first probe to orbit a comet.

The U.S. trade deficit has shrunk as oil imports have decreased.

Finally, drunk woman with stolen snake around her neck crashes into fire station.


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