Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Good morning, everybody. Megan Fox wants to play a superhero. Now, your morning constitutional:

An Egyptian-brokered 72-hour ceasefire is currently holding between Israel and Hamas. Israeli ground troops have left Gaza, claiming that their mission to destroy Hamas’s tunnels is complete. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has largely avoided U.S. diplomatic assistance.

Sayeeda Warsi, the first Muslim to serve in the British cabinet, has resigned, citing the government’s “approach and language” during the conflict has been “morally indefensible.”

Iraq’s ruling National Alliance party coalition still cannot decide who to present as prime minister, delaying a scheduled discussion in parliament.

A man dressed in a Afghan army opened fire on foreign soliders, killing at least one NATO soldier and injuring at least 15 more.

Sierra Leone has very strict quarantine rules, but very lax enforcement, which is hampering efforts to fight Ebola. Two infected Americans have been given an experimental serum derived from tobacco.

Actual regulatory standards for “gluten-free” labeling go into effect this week.

Bills passed by Republicans in the House (but not the Senate) would have increased the long-term debt by $800 billion.

President Obama’s record on torture is mixed at best.

With rulings in Mississippi and Alabama (of all places), it’s been a decent week in court for abortion access.

Why isn’t President Obama more popular?

How the U.S. got mixed up in a $100 million fight over an oil tanker.

Five thousand words are being added the the official Scrabble dictionary.

Kentucky State University president Raymond Burse took a $90,000 pay cut to raise the pay of the university’s minimum-wage workers.

The Gulf of Mexico has a “dead zone” the size of Connecticut.

Finally, police find 100 chickens in drunk driver’s car.


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